Areas of expertise

In the last two years BISS has developed three key areas of expertise:

  1. data ecosystem
  2. data analytics
  3. decisions & impact

Data ecosystem

The field of data ecosystem relates to the interconnected data (numbers, texts, images, films etc.) that have arisen in the last decades. The amount of data will only increase with the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT). Data ecosystem also relates to the idea of the cloud as a resource for software as a service. BISS research strongly focuses on enhancing the data ecosystem by way of protocols. As such we ensure that data driven services are secure and take privacy and ethical standards into account.

Data analytics

Data analytics covers all relevant analysis techniques and methods, from statistics to econometrics and artificial intelligence (AI). BISS research focuses on a scientific validation and on the usability of these methods of analysis.

Decisions & impact

Decisions & impact is an area of expertise that incorporates the insights of the behavioral and social sciences. As such, it creates more insight into the impact of services on the behavior of consumers and the socio-economic impact of this behavior.

Common ground

These three areas of expertise are inextricably linked with each other. They are further supported by using data visualization and the further development of service design methodology. Data visualization plays a particularly important role in the expertise areas of data analytics and decision making. The service design method is implemented to create services that connect both to the needs of the consumer and the competences and capacities of the service provider. Service design therefore primarily deals with aspects like user-friendliness and relevance to the customer, and the sustainability and competitive power of these products or services for the service provider.

Adding social value with data

It is the vision of BISS to use data to add social value in society. The three fields of expertise offer inspiration and guidelines for this in the many BISS activities. The four sectors that BISS research focuses on are: the financial sector, healthcare, education, and citizenship. Specific problems and topics in these sectors provide inspiration for the theoretical and applied research that is carried out at BISS institute. The results (yielded in different forms) contribute to further research or solutions to these socially relevant issues.