9th June 2017

Brown Bag Seminar - Fedor Dzegilenko, BNY Mellon Innovation Center Silicon Valley

Fedor Dzegilenko, Director of Data Science at BNY Mellon Innovation Center Silicon Valley, is giving a Brown Bag Seminar at BISS.

Speaker: Fedor Dzegilenko

15th June 2017

Inspiration Session Fundamentals of Data Science - Data Visualisation

 In this sessions data visualisation as means to explore data and insights will be discussed

Speaker: Kay Schröder

15th June 2017

Inspiration session Fundamentals of Data Science - Human Decision Making/Behavioural Economics

In this session economic and game-theoretical decision making analyses will be covered.

Speaker: Christina Rott

19th June 2017

Conferentie City Deal Eurolab (Dutch)

Thema: "Inspire and be inspired". Leer meer over de grensoverschrijdende kansen van de Euregionale arbeidsmarkt

22nd June 2017

Oratie Tanja Vos (Dutch)

Op donderdagmiddag 22 juni vindt op de oratie plaats van prof. dr. T.E.J. Vos van de faculteit Management, Science & Technology.

Speaker: Tanja Vos

22nd June 2017

Artificial Intelligence lecture - Is Theory Dead? Using Big Data for Helping Consumers to Make Sound Financial Decisions

This lecture discusses if big data can replace decision making theories in the financial decision making domain. 

Speaker: Assistant Professor, dr. Thomas Post

22nd June 2017

Inspiration Session Fundamentals of Data Science - Social Network Analytics

In this session the impact of big data and analytics in the area of social media on organizations will be discussed.

Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Lucas

29th June 2017

Inspiration Session Fundamentals of Data Science - Service Design Thinking

In this sessions data the development of Smart Services based on data will be discussed: where do you start and what process do you follow?

Speaker: Dr. Dominik Mahr

5th September 2017

IBM Watson Workshop

During this workshop IBM Watson will discuss conversation API and chatbots

Speaker: IBM Watson

6th September 2017

Seminar Beyond Industrie 4.0: Towards Autonomous Smart Services

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Wolfgang Wahlster, Scientific Director and CEO of DFKI, is the speaker during this seminar.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster