6th October 2017 - 16th February 2018

BISS Certified Data Science Program

The data science field is evolving quickly and this development will have a tremendous impact on businesses, decision making processes and also the required skill set of employees. The BISS Certified Data Science Program offers a unique and challenging program with a mixture of post-graduate courses on advanced data science topics.

2nd November 2017

AI | IA Conference on Artificial Intelligence & (strategic) InterAction

The Brightlands Smart Services Campus will be host to a full day of state of the art AI technology focused on applying ArtificiaI Intelligence in settings of strategic InterAction. Leading scientists and business experts will share AI developments. Also, latest AI experiments will be presented and project teams from the Techruption program will demonstrate the first prototypes developed in co-creation projects.


Speaker: Tuomas Sandholm, Stefan Kramer, Another Monday and many more.

3rd November 2017 -

Tutorial: The State of the Art in Designing Algorithms for Strategic Interaction

We are happy to announce that for the data science experts among you and within your organization, Tuomas Sandholm will offer a dedicated tutorial. Together with Stefano Bromuri, they will explain the general technique of reinforcement learning and the details of the algorithms that drive Sandholm’s poker program. Just this week, Google announced a new version of its AlphaGo software, based on Reinforcement Learning, that is now able to learn to play go on a world-champion’s level without having to be trained by human experts, see This is considered as one of the biggest breakthroughs in AI ever. The workshop will give you the unique opportunity to get an understanding of the AI techniques that let to this success.

Speaker: Prof. Tuomas Sandholm, Dr. Stefano Bromuri

7th November 2017

Lunch booster: Leveraging web traffic data to assess and improve TV and Radio advertising effectiveness

On 7 November 2017, Dr. Bram Foubert, affiliated to Maastricht University, will present how companies can exploit digital traces to track the impact of their TV and radio commercials and identify, for example, the most effective channels, timing, spot variant, or genre of the preceding program.

Speaker: Dr. Bram Foubert

12th December 2017

Lunch booster: Artificial Intelligence and Relationship Management: The crucial role of communication

In this lecture, we will explore how advances in artificial intelligence can help companies create productive and long-lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Speaker: Dr. Mark Pluymaekers

5th February 2018 -

Seminar Creating business insights from customer and employee data

 On 5 February 2018, Jason Thatcher and Natalie de Vries will visit the Brightlands Smart Services Campus to present their insights on the use of customer and employee data.

Speaker: Jason Thatcher & Natalie de Vries