Innovation & Data visualization Lab

Data visualization lab

The data visualization lab offers a safe environment in which to edit, analyze and save data. The lab is a testing ground for visualizing collected data, in order to effectively generate new insights.

Innovation lab and student venture program

This lab offers multidisciplinary teams an environment in which to experiment and work on innovative products in response to questions from the industry. These questions are generated in Idea Generation Workshops or BASE projects. Students play a central role in the processes of this lab. Using the students’ creativity and resourcefulness, the lab teams come up with answers to actual questions from the industry. They experiment, create new applications and prototypes, and develop new products.

As well as the innovation lab, we have also created a student venture program. During this so-called Student Venture Lab program, students receive coaching and training to help them start their own business. BISS’ academic team and collaborating businesses offer their expertise and support, for example by sharing their experience or introducing the students to their network.