Inspiration Session Fundamentals of Data Science - Service Design Thinking

About this session

In this sessions data the development of Smart Services based on data will be discussed: where do you start and what process dou you follow?

Fundamentals of Data Science

A variety of Inspiration Sessions are scheduled to be held from May through July 2017. The inspiration sessions encompass specific topics within the fields of Data Science and Smart Services. The lecturers are affiliated with the BISS Institute, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, the Open University and Maastricht University.

The sessions will be held at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus, and will last two hours. During the sessions, a lecturer will guide attendees through the theory and will also link these concepts to practical examples of this type of work. Participants in the Fundamentals of Data Science programme of APG will also be present during the inspiration sessions. This will provide those attending the sessions with the opportunity to learn more about these individuals’ cases and experiments. This is how we learn from one another and with one another

Practical information

Date: 29 June 2017
Time: 10:00 - 12:00

Brightlands Smart Services Campus 
Smedestraat 2 
6411 CR, Heerlen

Dr. Dominik Mahr