BISS organizes various activities such as information sessions, Idea Generation Workshops, BASE projects and events, including themed seminars, faculty seminars and student activities. The context of these activities is linked to the three main themes of data ecosystems, data analytics and decision & impact.

Information sessions
BISS holds information sessions in order to gather information about questions that are relevant for the participants of these sessions. At the end of the session, this results in a global and wide set of questions. The elaboration of these questions takes place in four phases.

1: Idea Generation Workshops
The Idea Generation Workshops are a natural continuation of the information sessions. This is the first step towards a target-focused and inspiring R&D project. The aim of an Idea Generation Workshop is to clarify a certain problem and generate a real and specific question.

2: BASE projects
The results of the Idea Generation Workshops can then serve as input for the BASE projects. These form the second phase and last 6 to 10 weeks on average. The aim is to gather together a multidisciplinary expertise team to carry out exploratory research in co-creation, in order to develop an innovative design for new services.

3. Cooperation projects
The third phase consists of cooperation projects in which more in-depth R&D projects are carried out. The results of such projects can be recommendations, applications, methods and solutions.

4. Plus and Apply projects
The fourth phase consists of the Plus projects and the Apply projects. These are focused on the development of marketable knowledge and smart services.