Disruptive Technologies Changing Our World

“The Techruption initiative offers a unique opportunity to unite the various initiatives and make them thrive within this ecosystem. This will provide synergy, strength and speed up the innovation process. The Brightlands Smart Services Campus is the breeding ground of concrete practical applications in these areas."
-Willem Vermeend, chairman board of advisors Techruption

About Techruption
Technology is revolutionizing the way people communicate, work, travel, exercise, pay their bills and maybe even life in general. Robotics, self-driving cars, drones, sensors, wearables and so on are just a handful of the technologies that could change our world over the next five years. Disruptive technologies create both great opportunities and great challenges. Since most of the exact implications are still unknown, research and experiments should lead the way. Which is exactly what the Techruption Community at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen is doing.

The Techruption initiative brings together small and large companies and organizations, start-ups and scientific research institutes to work on technological innovations. The Techruption community is part of the eco-system at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen and focuses on three areas: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Climate Change.

BISS is frontrunner in the Artificial Intelligence track. Together with community partners, research projects are formulated during Idea Generation Workshops. The most promising research ideas or so-called use cases are further explored during multiple week projects, where multidisciplinary project teams of business experts, scientific researchers and students work together to create knowledge and practical applications.

What are we working on?
Currently the focus is on RoboAdvisory and Emotion Recognition within the AI track.

RoboAdvisory is the use of data science technology, to support employees or customers in financial and other institutions in preparing or taking decisions that involve (financial) risk and (strategic) uncertainty. RoboAdvisory is as such part of digital robot technology that support employees and customers in service industries in repetitive work, similar to what robots do since many years in manufacturing.

Emotion Recognition
When technology is involved in communication, technology can as well be used for recognizing emotions and influencing them. This can be ex-post by analyzing recordings or by real-time intervention. In Emotion Recognition use cases we want to research and develop such interventions.


Every week on Thursday the BISS Institute organizes in the context of Techruption an ‘Artificial Intelligence and more’ lecture series. Please join us! Register to attend the lecture by sending an email to