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In a time of digitisation, the Brightlands Institute for Smart Society connects Maastricht University’s academic knowledge and expertise in data science with societal needs. It has been set up by Maastricht University in close collaboration with the Province of Limburg and the pension fund APG, we are located on the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen, the Netherlands.

BISS aims to empower people and organisations through the socially responsible application of digital technologies. We have a strong focus on enhancing effective data-driven decision making and closely cooperate with all Maastricht University faculties:

We harness academic knowledge for socio-economic impact and we translate complex thinking into simple acting. We are open to cooperation with start-ups, SMEs, corporations or governments. We want to apply everything we know to help make processes better, faster, and more human-centred.

BISS operates at the intersection of the data science industry, Maastricht University and Brightlands – a position that allows us to make an impact in education, business and research.


One of many collaboration programs we participate in is Techruption. Since the start of the Techruption program, BISS became in charge for the AI line. Please find out more about artificial intelligence projects at the Techruption website.

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Prof Elia Formisano

Professor of Neuroimaging Methods

Prof Anna Wilbik

Data Fusion and Intelligent Interaction

Dr Johan van Soest



Turgay Saba

Frontend Developer

Tamara Aroustamova

BISS Office Manager
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