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How do we unleash the potential of data to enrich the lives of people, make cities smarter and add value to business? At the Brightlands Institute for digital Smart Society (BISS) we focus on ‘Responsible and effective data-driven decision-making for the digital society’ and are cooperating in an interdisciplinary multidisciplinary way with all six faculties of Maastricht University. 

Working together with companies and public institutions, BISS will execute and innovate research, educate professionals and involve students. By combining knowledge from data science with that of other outstanding disciplines at Maastricht University, it will work to develop innovative products, services and policy.

BISS provides translational research and education in the field of the digitalising society, focusing on the following themes:

At the heart of Brightlands Smart Services Campus

We are located at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus and an integral part of the larger ecosystem that is flourishing here. Over 40 companies are active in-house and many more participate in different projects, teaming up with researchers and students whenever co-operation adds value. Among other facilities we run a fully operational Service Innovation lab and a separate Data Experience lab. The large Service Innovation lab has got flexible furniture to make it usable for various purposes (workshops, brainstorms seminars, student projects and many more). The Data Experience lab is mainly used for the development of data visualization applications. When looking for a fully equipped location in a data science environment, please contact us.


One of many collaboration programs we participate in is Techruption. Since the start of Techruption program in late 2016, BISS became in charge for the AI line. Please find out more about artificial intelligence projects at the Techruption site.

Start questioning

Every groundbreaking idea starts with a single question. Please get in touch and ask us anything at all. Who knows here it will end!



Dr Bert Carl Schindler

Managing Director

Dr Rui Jorge Almeida

Assistant Professor

Prof. Lisa Brüggen

Professor of Financial Services

Full Professor Andre Dekker

Professor of Clinical Data Science

Full Professor Gijs van Dijck

Professor of Private Law

Distinguished Professor Michel Dumontier

Professor of Data Science

Dr Wiebke Eberhardt


Dr Mahdi Ebrahim

Assistant professor of Service Design and Innovation

Prof. Elia Formisano

Professor of Neuroimaging Methods

Pieter Geelen MSc

PhD student

Prof. Bea de Gelder

Professor of Neuroscience

Dr Mark Graus

Assistant Professor Data Science in Marketing

Dr Darian Meacham

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Prof. Rudolf Müller

Professor of Quantitative Infonomics

Hannah Schmitt MSc

PhD student

Dr Visara Urovi

Assistant Professor

Weiwei Wang

PhD student


Esther Haenen

Manager BISS Office
+31 (0)6 3656 0941

Dominika Repcikova

Assistant Manager BISS Office
+31 (0)6 3622 2971

Samantha Schmitz

Secretary BISS Management
+31 (0)6 3926 4601

Racheel Wennek

Project Leader
+31 (0)6 2850 6141


There are no BISS vacancies at this moment.

But, check out job openings at Brightlands and your future might start here.