How can my business benefit from data?

I’ve got a really great data-driven business idea, how do I know if it will work? I’ve got tons of data, how do I create something valuable out of it? Everybody is talking about data this and data that, what am I missing out on? The world today is too complex to solve everything on your own. At BISS we say: start questioning… and answers will follow!

Technology is changing the business landscape rapidly

It didn’t used to be obvious for science and business to team-up, today it’s the smartest route to innovation. BISS is where science and business meet to solve problems, discover solutions and develop new business models. Located at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus, over 40 companies work together with researchers and students from Maastricht University, to explore, experiment, pilot and evolve. We’re open for any new challenge, so please get in touch.

Co-creation is the key to innovation

BISS focuses on co-creation in the fields of business intelligence, data visualisation and smart services, and does this in a multidisciplinary way. Depending on your project we will add different perspectives such as Marketing Science (consumer behaviour), Psychology, Communication Science, Data Visualization and Artificial Intelligence. We can hook you up with students, scientists, innovation hubs from large companies and specialists in mobile and app design and even do project management to keep everyone in sync.

Jump-start and accelerate your data-driven future

There’s no short-cut to innovation, but BISS allows you to jump-start, accelerate and validate whatever innovation driven business idea you have. Making it easier to find partners and funding by turning your entrepreneurial intuition into hard facts. Gaining insights from data, building algorithms and turning them into actual working solutions or new business models.

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Contact us at BISS and find out how large companies like APG, BNY Mellon, Rabobank and PGGM do some of their most exciting R&D at our very own Brightlands Smart Services Campus. We’ll tell you a little more about machine learning algorithms for emotion recognition in audio files or other Artificial Intelligence projects we run.

Remember: every new idea is an impossibility until it is born. Let’s create some amazing new ideas together. And make them work.


Artificial Intelligence in the classroom!?

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