How can my business benefit from data?

Do you have a great data-driven business idea? Or do you have tons of data and want to create something valuable out of it? At BISS, Maastricht University’s scientists and students team up with companies to gain insights from data and turn them into actual working solutions or new business models.

We have a strong focus on enhancing effective data-driven decision making and closely cooperate with all faculties of Maastricht University. Depending on your project we will add different working fields such as law and health, but also different technologies like Artificial Intelligence. We have an extensive network and can link you to students, scientists and companies. We can even do project management to keep everyone in sync.

The smartest route to innovation is business teaming up with scientists: We allow you to jump-start, accelerate and validate whatever innovation-driven business idea you have. Curious? Just have a look at our extensive list of co-creation partners.

Let’s create some amazing new ideas together and make them work. We are open for a new challenge.


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