How do I master data science and smart services?

The potential of digital data can be overwhelming. You want to learn more, but where do you start? You’ve come to the right place, because at BISS we want to share and apply our knowledge to boost your intelligence in data science and smart services.

We educate bachelor and master students, but also professionals. We turn the most complex data into valuable insights. We use our expertise to create introduction and advanced training courses on data science and smart services. Ideal programmes for individuals and teams to get a grip on the fundamentals of data science or really develop their data skills.

We put theory into practice by turning data into solutions and services that actually mean something to people, businesses and society. That’s why we create tailor-made training programmes, centered around your current business case by combining theory and solution-finding steps.

We have access to some of the greatest minds, facilities and educational networks to offer excellent training. From basic insights to lifelong learning solutions: BISS is your data science education partner.

Education for professionals

Getting Started in Data Science online course

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Online course Gamification of Digital Services

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Disruptive technologies and decision making

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UM Masters&Bachelors

Master business intelligence and smart services

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Maastricht University’s bachelor and master programmes

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