A few weeks ago, we welcomed the second cohort of students to the MSc in Business Intelligence & Smart Services (BISS). The MSc BISS is an innovative master program that teaches students how to use business intelligence, technology, and service design thinking to exploit nowadays’ rich data opportunities and develop smart services supporting the daily lives of managers and end-consumers. After a very successful launch last year, the program sees enrolments increase by around 33%.

A key feature of the program is that students work in multidisciplinary teams on ambitious company projects in which they design novel smart services, so-called Smart Service Innovation Projects. On Wednesday September 5th, Erwin de Zeeuw, director of Giftcards at VVV Nederland, kicked off the project for the first semester. VVV has recently made a successful transition from paper vouchers to plastic gift cards with electronic credit. The company wonders whether it can use the new electronic environment to identify individual users, monitor their spending behavior, and make personalized recommendations. The project component of the program is taught partly in cooperation with the BISS Institute at the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen, a place where researchers and smart service organizations come together to collaborate on new innovations.

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