A scientific partner for your innovation project

Every BISS project is unique.

They do have in common that they all make use of data science and technology in a socially responsible way, and that the approach is always multidisciplinary. In other words, we do not look at technological solutions alone, but combine these with expertise in for instance decision making, human behavior, law and legislation, and ethics. The expertise and knowledge from our Maastricht University scientists is up to date and highly relevant, so you can benefit from the latest insights.

In all other aspects, our project are tailor-made to your needs.

In addition to our project-work, we are also available for consultancy. If you are managing a data science project, developing a digital strategy for your organization, or in need of advice related to opportunities your organisations’ data has to offer, we are here to help.

At BISS, we firmly believe that the smartest route to innovation is business teaming up with scientists. If you share our belief, do not hesitate to get in touch to explore options.

Projects and Consultancy

EVI van Lanschot | Towards a digital customer centric future

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BISS works on the NEXUS Project – part of Techruption Program

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BISS workshop on Deepfake and critical thinking

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BISS has joined the NewHoRRIzon project

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Artificial Intelligence in the classroom!?

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