BISS ethics researcher Robert Gianni and principal investigator Darian Meacham are part of a consortium that has been awarded a H2020 project grant.

The project is named PARTICIPATION (Analyzing and Preventiving Extremism Via Participation). The overarching objective of PARTICIPATION is to identify future perspectives and trends of polarisation, extremism and radicalisation as well as the social composition of at risk groups in Europe through a participatory and provisional methodological strategy that facilitates co-creation of effective strategies for prevention with social actors, stakeholders and policy-makers. Gianni and Meacham will be in charge of the Social Lab methodology where they will experiment with citizens and stakeholders about the best ways to foster inclusiveness and deliberation with at-risk-groups.

In times of raising hatred, violence and mistrust in public institutions, this is a great opportunity to experiment with alternative and shared approaches to prevent the suffering caused by marginalisation and polarisation.

Projects overview