How can I really dive into data?

Data science is evolving rapidly and might well be one of the key drivers of innovation and change in the decades to come. But data science isn’t just about data, it’s also about the impact data can have on the outside world; how can it benefit people, society and companies? Research helps to propel the potential of data forward.

BISS takes on high quality and relevant research in data-driven smart services. We have built a group of enthusiastic and dedicated researchers in different disciplines able to operate in a vivid eco-system. Research is performed in a multi-disciplinary setting by connecting the faculties of Maastricht University, bachelor and master students, PhD students and industrial PhD’s.

Co-operation and co-creation outside the academic world is important to us. We feel the results of our research should find its way into applications that somehow benefit people and society. Professionals that want to do PhD research and keep building their career are invited to get in touch.


BISS has joined the NewHoRRIzon project

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Artificial Intelligence in the classroom!?

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