Judith is BISS’ Managing Director. In everything she does, Judith aims to advance science. She truly believes in the power of science, and in how important that can be for us and our children.

Judith combines over a decade of experience in a commercial setting with solid knowledge of academia. In the corporate world, she has for instance led a department of analytical product managers and consultants, and she worked in Business Development. In academia, she obtained her PhD in 2007 at Utrecht University.

Many years later, she rejoined the scientific world when she was appointed at Maastricht University as Director Academic Affairs in 2018, where she worked among other things on a strategy for connecting the Brightlands campuses and on the Artificial Intelligence strategy for Maastricht University. This experience left her wanting more of this exciting field and now that she is leading BISS. She enjoys working on the socially responsible application of digital technology and to have a real impact on the world that surrounds her.


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